Q4 Tips & Tricks

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How do consumer products brands successfully capture customers’ attention in a competitive market? The key is to build a solid strategy well ahead of time and put the wheels in motion now, positioning your brand and products as the “must-haves” this holiday season. The time to start is now!

Be innovative with your marketing approach.
In a time where consumers expect more and more from brands and competing sales messages are out there, your Q4 and holiday campaign cannot feel forced. Start by analyzing your brand to find which strategy is a natural fit for your business. What is your unique angle and how does that translate to the holiday season? How can you get your customers involved? Find ways to personalize your interactions with your target audience – either directly with engaging owned content or via a third-party influencer – to develop trust and create a truly lasting customer connection.

Make a big splash with holiday gift guides.
Send out email newsletters with your gift guides or holiday preparation guides!

Lock in your digital strategy.
In today’s landscape, your target consumers are almost always online. And that’s exactly where you need to reach them! Consider how to capitalize on and enhance your owned digital assets. Whether it’s your website, social media profiles, blog content, imagery or videos, control your messaging to surprise and delight your audience in a meaningful way. Use your social media or blog to amplify positive customer reviews and media hits. Consider paid media channels like Google AdWords, paid social media posts or native advertising to gain visibility. While this may seem like an oversimplification, you should carefully explore the right strategy to give you the measurable results you want and need this year.

Focus on your VIP customers
Look closely at your marketing results (particularly email and social stats) to determine which customers are both engaging AND buying from you. These could be classed as your VIP customers who show a lot of brand loyalty. These guys deserve a lot of love, so target them with exclusive offers, private event invites and maybe previews into new products/ offerings.

Next you could look at your active customers. This would be defined by those who are purchasing from you, but do not engage with your marketing. They still need some TLC, so consider sending them promotions, but on a different scale.

Ask for feedback/ ideas
Asking for feedback is a great way to drive engagement. A company who holds their hands up and admits it’s not perfect is admirable. Asking the people who deal with you day in, day out also provides invaluable feedback for you too. Just make sure you’re seen to be acting on the feedback.

You could also ask for ideas on what they want from you – do they want you to extend your business hours on the approach to Christmas, for example? 

Maximise your presence at events
Attend big/ relevant events and showcase your attendance with real-time tools like Instagram and Facebook. Network and keep any conversations going after the event. You’ll still be at the front of their minds, so use that and target them while they are still ‘hot’. Even if you just pop them an email thanking them for their time chatting to you, you’re still marketing yourself and your business. Also consider adding any new connections you make to your VIP list and leveraging your promotions.

If you start planning and implement these ideas in time for Q4, the summer slump will become a distant memory when you’re seeing in the New Year with a bang.

Create a Budget for Holiday Marketing
There are only a few days a year that make all online retailers, well, freak out. The epic Cyber Monday is one of them, Black Friday is another, and our tap to click go aflutter for Giving Tuesday.

So, where do you begin planning? First things first, create a holiday marketing budget. You want to align your budget with your holiday marketing goals. Costs can change if you’re primary focus is increased purchases for repeat customers or finding new customers.





Jamie Gonzales