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Outsource Relief

Connecting communities to the organizations they need to rebuild, recover, and move on.

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How we can help.

Outsource Relief is a segment of our localized relations division. This segment coordinates relief and recovery efforts through awareness and connecting long-standing resources with the community at large following a natural disaster. When a community is in need of recovery, there are multiple socioeconomic factors to consider. Rather than provide countless town halls which often times results in piecemeal information, it is our goal to connect qualified organizations so affected citizens have the knowledge they need to move forward.


The Process

Just like every community is different, every natural disaster is different. When a natural disaster strikes a community, there are countless questions, limited answers and little time to gain enough knowledge to know where to turn. That’s where we come in. Because of our years of experience, we know what’s going to happen next. We help communities with a proactive, not reactive, approach. The process is simple: we discuss your needs and pull together resources to rebuild your community one step at a time. Whether its town halls, city hall help lines, continuing education, or press; our relief partners’ core competencies are made to serve communities through a dire time of need.


Does your community need resources, education and help to rebuild?

Do you need to inform your citizens of all recovery options available to them?

Are you uncertain of which organizations to partner with to spread the word about recovery?


Recent Experience


22 Louisiana parishes were designated as federal disaster areas by FEMA in the aftermath of the Great Flood of 2016 floods. Thousands of houses and businesses were submerged, and multiple demographics needed education while the Proof of Loss deadline was quickly approaching. Outsource Relief formed a centralized group of organizations to inform both insured and uninsured constituents while providing unmeet needs.

Church Recovery
Press Coordination
Town Hall Planning
Education through Speaking Engagements
Government Collaboration


The citizens of Houston and outlying areas were eager to learn everything they needed to know to recover from Hurricane Harvey in 2017. While their lives were turned upside down, as typical Houstonians they fought to get back to normalcy. Due to the large distance between affected counties, we focused our efforts on micro-communities with the thought that the message would spread from city council districts.

Governmental Relations
Town Hall Planning
Established Education Network
Coaching for Panel Events
Press Coordination



The citizens of Naples, FL needed a voice, and an advocate who was connected to accredited organizations… not just “fly by night” contractors who sped into Florida as soon as the skies cleared following Irma. We coordinated locals festival appearances and on-site visits which supported our press opportunities to inform citizens of Naples about the accredited,m local teams available to help.

Press Coordination
Town Hall Planning
Email Newsletters for Community Promotion
Education through Speaking Engagements
Coaching for Panel Events


Select Relief Partners

Don’t let your community fall victim during a vulnerable time.
Let us help you rebuild.